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Windigsteig Brass – Autumn Concert with Second Conductor as Assistant

Windigsteig Brass – Autumn Concert with Second Conductor as Assistant

The music association Blasmusik Windigsteig entertained the audience with a varied program at its autumn concert held on November 11 in the community hall in Windigsteig. The concert began with the powerful opening work “Festivals” by Thomas Asanger and continued with Manfred Sternberger’s “Introduction to a New Life”. Sternberger wrote this musical welcome letter to his second grandson Christoph in 2017.

The program continued with a polka and a change in conductor’s podium. “Peasant Polka” by Johann Strauss Jr., arranged by Armin Subban, was conducted by an old friend of the Music Club, Guntmar Müller (Hirschbach Brass Band). Three different eras or styles (Baroque, Pop and Jazz) are combined in Jacob de Haan’s “Concerto d’Amour”.

Award for three musicians

The Music Society began the second part of the concert with “Paulus Primus”, a musical by Matthias Werner from 2021, which describes the strengths and agility of his dog Paul, and “Eiger – A Journey to the Summit” by James Swearingen. Guntmar Müller then performed a medley titled “Epic Gaming Themes”, arranged by Paul Murtha, which introduced listeners to the best tunes from hit video games.

Finally, the “Edmund Medley” piece arranged by Norbert Schmidbauer, with excerpts from the songs “Lewand”, “Leg d’Herz” and “Die Blonde mitn Mittelscheitl” by the Austrian band Edmund, delighted the visitors.

During the ceremony, the following were also honoured: Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Jasmine Petermann, Tizian Noy-Nordberg (Silver Young Musician Achievement Badge), Kapelist Florian Bauer, Daniela Hubel (Silver Badge of Honor), Andreas Hubel (Silver Badge of Honor), President Tanja Pfeiffer and band director Manfred Kreutzer.

Windigsteig brass music club

There were awards for three members of the wind orchestra, presented by Manfred Kreutzer, conductor of the Horn-Eidhoven District (BAG). Daniela and Andreas Hubel received the Silver Badge of Honor, and Tizian Noy-Nordberg received the Silver Young Musician Achievement Badge.

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