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Supporting program – Opera Burg Jarre: Not only Donizetti

Supporting program – Opera Burg Jarre: Not only Donizetti

In addition to the main production – Gaetano Donizetti’s “L’elisir d’amore” – KulturBURG presents a cultural support program – mostly in the historic hall – with prominent participants. Günter Groesböck, Chris Lohner, Edward Cotterwatz, Raphael without fingersthe Janowska band Or the Vienna Boys’ Choir They are just a few of the famous artists that Unterreiner has managed to win. There are also: opera stars Ildico Raimondi, Zoriana Kochbler, Susanna Chakhoyan And Miriam KotrowatzUnterreiner himself would also let his voice be heard on several evenings.

This was also the case at the big summer concert “Unterreiner & Friends” on August 10 on the outdoor stage with many guests of honor Yuri Revich until bo skovus, Where donations are collected for “those in need”, or on the occasion of Coral Gars Day on August 31, when Beethoven’s Ninth is heard. The KulturBURG season begins on Mother’s Day 2024 (May 12) with Unterreiner and Sunni Meles It ends with the recitation of a song Patricia Knowles On September 14th. On June 15, a Kaiserhaus expert will present Catherine Unterreiner And the emperor’s grandchildren Leopold Altenburg Interesting stuff from the world of the Babenbergs and the Habsburgs. The director attaches great importance to the fact that his sister participates without a fee: “We are not a family business!”

Young musical talents are also supported, for example students from the Salzburg Mozarteum or piano talents in cooperation with the music schools of the city of Vienna and the Forstel Piano House. Another pillar that the program offers at JARS is the “EventBURG” series, which includes: Clairvoyants stops on their farewell tour and Volchelvi, Menosil Brass, Klaus Eckel And Jerry Seidel Hosts. However, Unterreiner is confident about the future at Gars and has “many arrows up his quiver for the next few years”.

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All information below Tickets for “L’elisir d’amore”, KulturBURG and EventBURG also on tel. 02985/33000. There is a 15 percent Christmas discount on all opera tickets as well as tickets for “Unterreiner & Friends” and “Joy, Beautiful God Sparks” from December 4 to 24.