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Windows 10: The error mutes YouTube videos

Windows 10: The error mutes YouTube videos

On Chromium Microsoft Edge and Google Chome browsers, YouTube videos sometimes play silently. In one From Windows Latest Discover Chromium-Bug-Report Google confirms this error. This is what it says 0.5 percent of all Windows users report YouTube audio playback errors daily Almost everyone uses Chrome.

The error could be related to multiple audio sources, as Chromium browsers sometimes use the wrong source. Uses For example, if you are using two Displayport / HDMI monitors with only one audio connection as the output device, then the specific source can change between the two screens. Came in the report.

Accidentally muted

User errors are also possible. According to the team, they can accidentally mute the videos and report them as an error. Additionally, Windows with ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) integration is relatively prone to such errors. Hence, driver problems cannot be ruled out.

Google and Microsoft are currently working on troubleshooting. When that comes it will remain open for the time being – no specific timeline mentioned.

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