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Windows 11 22H2: Microsoft delivers a major update to gadgets

New leaks show that Microsoft is working on a functional modification Windows 11 – Widgets Works. The focus should be on third party support. Submission could take place as part of the “Sun Valley 2” update planned for late summer.

the for months Online rumors about third-party support for Windows 11 gadgets are forming. According to a report by Danish publisher “FireCube”, it appears that developers have already been notified by Microsoft about possible modifications to the widget. Accordingly, it may soon be possible to equip the web-based interface not only with information tiles from Redmond, but also with those of independent developers.

Third-party tools do not necessarily come via the Store

Microsoft Companies recommend their widgets at best with an in-house app a store Combine to get more attention. However, all tools must also be independently installable, eg directly via websites. These could be in a well-known Windows 10 Live Tile presentation (via MSPoweruser) integrate its content into the widget area in Windows 11. Microsoft should also provide suggestions for installable widgets via the new Widget Panel.

The long-awaited support for third-party tools should increase the attractiveness of the interface, which many have neglected, not only for the average user but also for companies, if enough developers come forward. To use Windows 11 tools, it is worth taking a look at additional tools, such as the so-called “MSEdgeRedirectThis prevents the default opening of tool links in a file Microsoft Edge Browser Instead it redirects it to the desired standard browser (eg Chrome or Firefox).

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It is not yet known when the third-party tools can be tested within the new Insider Preview build. However, Redmond’s goal should be to complete the integration via the “Sun Valley 2” update (Windows 11 22H2). So the release will be planned for late summer or fall.

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