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Windows 11: Microsoft prevents the return to the old Start menu

Windows 11: Microsoft prevents the return to the old Start menu

Everyone who adapts to the new design of Windows 11 start menus You don’t want to get used to, who can still go back to the old Windows 10 layout including live tiles via registry hack. In the latest Insider build of the operating system, Microsoft prevents this change.

Not only in the previously leaked version, but also in the first official upgrade of Windows 11 from Insider expected in the fall, it was not only possible to customize the appearance of the new start menu, but also to customize it Windows 10 Status Reset. Instead of installed, frequently used and suggested programs, files and documents, it was possible to restore well-known application tiles (live tiles).

When uniform appearance is more important than customization

like colleagues from Newer Windows In the report, Microsoft is now putting an end to the associated registry hack. This is guaranteed in the recently released Windows 11 Insider Build 22000.65, distributed this week via the Redmond-based Dev Channel. While, among other things, a search field in the start menu, new settings for the taskbar and the addition of power mode options in Official changelog Find a signal, the start menu trick is removed via registration without comment.

Microsoft It tries to prevent changes in the new standard design of Windows 11, so that after years of inconsistency (keyword control panel) in delivering the long-awaited unified look across all areas of the operating system. This does not mean everyone Windows 10 users He must be satisfied, is known recently. Among other things, one expresses oneself negatively in society about the move that repositioning From the new taskbar with the update to Windows 11.

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