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Windows XP: The activation algorithm was compromised

Windows XP: The activation algorithm was compromised

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The popular operating system from Microsoft Windows XP Theoretically it can be used again. Blog entry in tinyapps It reveals that the algorithm used to activate the software has been hacked. This means that a fresh installation of XP can be activated offline, although Microsoft has long since stopped servers for this.

Support for Windows XP has ended 2014, which is why it is not recommended for anyone to actually install and use the operating system now. However, if you want to keep using your old computers or laptops, you can use hacks to make them work again. However, one must realize that the hardware is then Unprotected she f No active internet connection must build.

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Not an official XP download

Microsoft has (rightfully) removed all downloads from Windows XP. Of course there are still good old things Installation CDs And the OS fans are still active, for example on reddit, which helps you to use it. However, you should never download any software from websites whose source is unknown or uncertain.

As tinyblog explains, the program can be used xp_activate32.exe Generate activation code. Microsoft also offered activation over the phone as an alternative to activating XP via servers. Upon request, the staff sent a key, which then instantly activated XP.

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The code behind this Phone activation option It is now used to automatically generate such a valid key. Something similar was already happening with the software WindowsXPK Possible, but the key it was generated with has been compared across servers that have since been shut down – which is no longer possible.