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Application tip: Merlin Bird ID – What bird is this?

Application tip: Merlin Bird ID – What bird is this?

With our Merlin Bird ID of the Week app, over 5,000 species of birds around the world can be identified by their song. The application is freely available for Android and IOS.

Application hint. Merlin Bird ID is a free bird identification app. The advantage of this app is that you no longer have to take pictures of a sighted bird. Also, you no longer have to enter the characteristics of the bird you want to identify. With Merlin Bird ID, all you have to do is record the bird’s song.

Merlin Bird ID – Bird identification

With our application advice, you have the opportunity to identify birds not only by photo or five questions. You also have the option – unlike many other birding apps – to identify birds by their song: not just in your own area but all over the world. After installing the application, you can download the corresponding area with the list of birds. After that you can start getting to know the sighted bird. Just allow access to the microphone and record the sounds.

Once you register a bird, the app will give you suggestions as to which bird it could be. You then have the option to compare what you’ve recorded with the bird calls in the app. Once you find the right bird, you can confirm it in the app and provide additional information about where and when you registered. In addition, information about the known bird can be recalled in Merlin Bird ID.

Merlin Bird ID app features

  • Download for free
  • Usage: free
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Advertising: no
  • Other languages: German and English
  • Age requirement: none
  • Provider location:

Our rating

(4 1/2 out of 5 stars)

Our conclusion: Recording the bird’s voice and then recognizing it works fine. Unfortunately, the image recognition didn’t work very well. The app turns a house sparrow into a barn owl. In addition, you absolutely have to switch the app to “German” in the settings, otherwise you’ll see the birds in English, even if the app is otherwise in German. Therefore, the app gets four and a half out of five stars from us.

Downloads and other app tips

Download Apple App Store / IOS: Merlin Baird from Cornell Lab
Download Apple Google Play / Android: Merlin Baird from Cornell Lab

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