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Winklarn – Vegetable farmer Sigrid Hagen presents her newly designed sales room

Winklarn – Vegetable farmer Sigrid Hagen presents her newly designed sales room

Sigrid Hagen has grown 42 different types of vegetables in her Wohlbehagen herb garden, and can now serve some of them in May.

Noun Amstetten/Margit Bruckner

sIgrid Hagen starts the vegetable season this year. Every Thursday, if you order in advance, you can order a vegetable box filled with delicious culinary herbs and colorful vegetables. In addition, it redesigned its sales room at Klein Greinsfurtherstrasse 49, in Winklarn.

The vegetable box is available in two sizes, individual vegetable box and family vegetable box. It is important to contact us in a timely manner so that the herbalist knows which vegetables and culinary herbs to put in the box. Pick-up hours are every Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm. “The vegetable box also contains seasonal vegetables and fruits that are not common in Austria, such as kale, eggplant or watermelon. “In addition, there are tips on storage methods and recipes with a longer shelf life,” says the qualified nutritionist. This year she planted a total of 42 different crops and organically raised From garlic, carrots, peas, pumpkin, chard, fennel, oak leaf lettuce, crab lettuce and head lettuce to many different varieties of lettuce and tomatoes, the Vegetable Box has many types of herbs and vegetables that the cook and healthy eater desires When ordered every week until Christmas, when winter vegetables such as beets and cabbage are also available.

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