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Wins for both Landel handball team - Bregenz -

Wins for both Landel handball team – Bregenz –

Bregenz’s side had reason to celebrate once again in today’s home game.
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Bregenz Handball and HC Hard both entered the Christmas holidays with a clear victory.

In the last game before Christmas, Bregenz received Handball HC Linz. HC Hard was a guest at HSG Bärnbach / Köflach.

Already in the first half the Bregenz team separated point by point and after 30 minutes they had a 16:12 lead. At the latest after the 5-0 match was set at 22:13, the match was decided. The rest of the season, Bregenz dominated the duel sovereignly and finally celebrated a clear home win in a ratio of 34:29. Because of this success, Fivers Margareten could be displaced from third place in the table. At least until the end of the evening match between WestWien and Krems, Bregenz is second in the table.

It’s hard to fight longer

However, the Harders had more to fight. In the first half, the hosts from Barnbach / Koflach quickly moved to 6: 1. But Harder immediately returned to the match and advanced several times with a goal. But in the break, Barenbach/Kovlach was ahead in the 14:13 minute. Also in the second half, the Red Devils had a harder time than expected. However, the longer the game went on, the more routine prevailed and Harder pulled the gate away. In the end the guests celebrated their hard-earned struggle, but they deserved the 31:24 victory and thus defended their championship lead.

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