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Wirlend is No. 1 in the world after the coup

Wirlend is No. 1 in the world after the coup

The former local pro ranks first among seniors over 30 in singles and doubles.

Fantastic success for Dominik Verlinde: With the 33-year-old, another Austrian achieved first place in the ITF World Senior Rankings. The top Austrian achieved this in the 30+ age group by winning the singles and reaching the final in the doubles at the ITF MT1000 clay court event in Manavgat in both World Tennis Masters Tour rankings.

Victories also for Haupt-Buchenrode/Hellmonser, Bruggraber and Toth

Turkey's highest tournament saw a total of 45 Austrians participate and three more red, white and red winners. Alex Haupt-Buchenrode and partner Harald Hellmonseder won the men's 70+ doubles. Hildegard Brugraber also won the women's over-65 doubles (with Germany's Katrin Depner) and the women's over-75 Heiders Toth (with Britain's Phyllis Bentham).

There were second places for Brugraber in the mixed doubles 65+ (with Canada's Marc Pippen) and Andrea Janisch and Trude Schlofer together in the women's doubles 70+. Peter Pokorny in the men's 80+ singles and Johannes Muhlenberg in the men's 80+ doubles also came in second place.

Wirlend even calls Kohlschreiber

An exhibition match between German former ATP professional Philipp Kohlschreiber, formerly world No. 16, and newly crowned Over-30 and world No. 1 Verlinde, was also played on the center court of the tennis facility in Manavgat. In a balanced first-class match, Werlind lost only in the tiebreaker of the match.

Congratulations to the successful ÖTV players for their outstanding performance. we are proud of you!

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Successful men's doubles in Austria 70+: Harald Helmunseder (left) and Alex Haupt-Buchenrode (centre).