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With built-in screen mirroring, the Kandao Meeting S is the best…


Shenzhen, China /PRNewswire/

Kandao Meeting S has been taken to the next level with Kandao Technology’s built-in screen mirroring feature. It used to be known for its 195-degree lens, eight premium microphones, hi-fi speakers, Android operating system and AI recognition algorithm, but now it’s a six-in-one because it has a screen mirroring function. It used to be very good, but now it is unbeatable.

One-step screen sharing from multiple device types

The “Winkey” and “K” keys on your keyboard are the only necessary step for screen sharing on Windows PCs. Until now, you had to purchase a wireless screen mirroring device, which required a base unit and a dongle to share your screen. Now you can say goodbye to all of your complicated and time consuming screen sharing setup without having to connect your PC to the same network as your conference camera. In addition to Miracast, Airplay is also built-in, which means that Meeting S supports not only screen sharing from a Windows PC, but also from a Mac, Android phone, iPhone, and even iPad, making it a flagship.

The most cost-effective and space-saving solution for immersive meeting rooms

The Kandao Meeting S is equipped with a 195-degree lens that provides a distortion-free image with 180-degree coverage for all participants. Thanks to the two-way audio system, consisting of eight professional-grade microphones and an array of Hi-Fi speakers, each participant can join the conversation in real time. The built-in Android system was the main point that made it stand out. You don’t have to reinstall your conferencing software every time you switch computers. The software can be installed and run directly on Meeting S. A state-of-the-art AI recognition algorithm ensures that the speaker can be accurately located, tracked and highlighted in real time. Moreover, the screen mirroring function is also regulated and approved. With all these features, Kandao Meeting S offers a perfect and immersive hybrid meeting experience for meeting platforms.

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The screen mirroring function is also used by Kandao Meeting Pro, a smart 360-degree conference camera designed for larger conference rooms.

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