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With or without RGB up to DDR5-6400: G.Skill introduces the Trident Z5 . family

gskill-trident-z5-family logoAfter yesterday ADATA DDR5-4800 . Modules G.Skill now follows it up with significantly faster DIMMs. The RAM specialist presents the Trident Z5 family, which is fully compatible with Intel Alder Lake S processors, which will celebrate its debut in the not too distant future. The highest and most effective memory clock ranges up to 6400MHz.

Overall, with the Trident Z5 RGB, G.Skill not only thinks of RGB enthusiasts, but also takes DIMMs without any RGB lighting into consideration with the Trident Z5. Furthermore, an interested party can choose between all-black or mostly silver units. When choosing a CPU air cooler, the increased heatsink should not be left outside. The Trident Z5 RGB RGB LEDs can not only be controlled by internal software, but are also compatible with motherboard manufacturers’ applications.

In terms of RAM clock rates, the Trident Z5 family starts at 5600MHz. Instead, there will also be DDR5-6000 and even DDR5-6400 modules. When it comes to memory, there will initially be only 32 GB clusters consisting of two 16 GB modules. G.Skill announced that there are Samsung integrated circuits under the heat spreaders, which are responsible for the high clock rates. For all the three clock rates mentioned, there will be different timing specifications in XMP 3.0 to choose from. On the one hand, the CL40-40-40-76 is somewhat slower, and on the other hand, the CL36-36-36-76 is more intelligent.

As it provides the DDR5 standard, the G.Skill-Trident-Z5 (RGB)-DIMM will also be equipped with a power management IC, which eventually also includes an ECC (Error Correction Code) feature. So far, G.Skill hasn’t wanted to name the prices of Trident-Z5 (RGB)-DIMMs. When it comes to availability, the manufacturer is inaccurately talking about November 2021. At least the memory kits should be delivered to distributors during this time window.