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With photovoltaic cells and e-vehicle fleet for more sustainability

With photovoltaic cells and e-vehicle fleet for more sustainability

Feldbacher Fruit Partners and its subsidiary, Snack & Back, have commissioned a new photovoltaic system. The company, founded in 1976, produces muesli and horseradish bars in Feldbach and employs around 140 people, many of whom come from the region.

The new system on the roof of the building consists of about 560 units and has an area of ​​about 2,200 square meters. Solar energy produces about 240,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. With an output capacity of 220 kilowatts, the system covers about 20 percent of the electricity requirements. In addition, the annual carbon dioxide saving is 113 tons.

The redesign resulted in savings

“We are proud to have our new photovoltaic system operational. It represents another step in our efforts to make our operations more environmentally friendly,” says General Manager Philippe Hurlin. And the initial balance shows that almost all the electricity is consumed by the company itself, which means that the investment has already paid off. However, the photovoltaic system is not the company’s only sustainability project.

The conversion and new construction of Snack & Back, which took place last year, saved 150 tons of CO2, making the process 80 percent CO2-neutral.

The photovoltaic system covers 20% of the electricity needs
© Feldbacher Fruit Partners GmbH

Switch to e-mobility

In addition, the company is increasingly converting its fleet to electric vehicles. “This change has already made it possible to save significant amounts of CO2. A newly purchased e-car emits about 60 percent less CO2 on average over its entire life cycle than a similar vehicle powered by diesel or petrol. We are striving to achieve the Climate Vision – Friendly and sustainable production site. , according to Hurlain.

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Therefore, the company intends to take more steps in the future. “By investing in environmentally friendly technology, we want and will continue to make a positive contribution to creating a sustainable future. For example, we also want to replace the steam boilers. They are currently still working on gas, so we want to switch to electricity,” says Hurlin.

Managing Director Philippe Hurlin wants to take more measures to be more sustainable

Managing Director Philippe Hurlin wants to take more measures to be more sustainable
© Lowe’s Light

Doubts about reducing working hours

And he clearly refuses to work four days a week or reduce working hours: “It wouldn’t be practical for a manufacturing company. I would then have to hire more staff, which is not possible because the staff is not there.”

Such action is also unthinkable for him for another reason: “Snack & Back has competition all over Europe. That would be a huge competitive disadvantage.”