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With supplies of help and clowns to the edges of Europe

The two photographers talk about touching experiences and touching encounters with people who had to flee their homeland and are often now on the edge of their existence. But they also talk about the difficulties they had to overcome during their “work for a good cause”: from bureaucracy to riding an emotional rollercoaster to powerlessness in the face of injustice in this world. But belief in a better world is what drives the two men and their team to keep going, always focusing on humanity and the people themselves.

On the one hand, the two aides documented the lives and challenges of refugees in real life. On the other hand, it is the stories related to photos and videos that give the viewer deep insights into the current living situation of these people. With the live report “The Caravan of Humanity,” you embark on a moving border crossing to the fringes of Europe to the nearly forgotten people of refugee camps. “The live report, Caravan of Humanity, takes you on a moving border crossing to the fringes of Europe to the almost forgotten people of refugee camps,” says Pascal Viollo, describing the lecture. “We look forward to many interested parties and an exchange of personal opinions. Of course, we will be happy to answer all your questions later!”

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