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King Charles III mentions the Queen in his Christmas speech

King Charles III mentions the Queen in his Christmas speech

London, 25/12/2022 (KAP/CNA) King Charles III. He mentions his “beloved” mother in his first Christmas speech. In his televised address on Sunday, he said the holidays were an emotional time for the bereaved. He shares Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September, “belief in the extraordinary ability of every human being to touch the lives of others with kindness and compassion.” The 74-year-old emphasized that this is “the essence of our society and the foundation of our society.”

The Queen has delivered the Christmas Speech every year. The first time was in 1952 when she was debating her coronation the following year. In 1957 the speech was broadcast for the first time on television. From the Sixties was recorded a few days in advance so that it could be transported back in time to the various Commonwealth countries.

As a rule, the British press spends days interpreting the Head of State’s Christmas address. The idea for the traditional speech now belongs to John Reith, founding director of the BBC. He was approached by King George V in 1922, who initially rejected the idea because he equated radio with light entertainment, and thus did not see it as an appropriate medium. Ten years later, he showed himself open to such a speech, first broadcast on Christmas Day 1932.

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