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With these password managers, you can keep your accounts under control

With these password managers, you can keep your accounts under control

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Anyone who uses the Internet accumulates dozens, if not hundreds, of accounts on different services over time. the Login data Remembering all these calculations is an almost impossible task. Often times, the same passwords are reused across some or even all accounts, posing a significant security risk.

Thanks to password managers, you no longer have to worry about this. passwords with 128 characters, TOTP codes And Pass keys They can be managed in one place without having to worry about forgetting them again.

We offer you this Password management applications before:

  • 1Password: iOS and Android
  • Bypass: iOS and Android
  • Proton path: iOS and Android
  • Betwarden: iOS and Android
  • Keepass2Android: Android
  • strongbox: internal control Department


1Password is one of the most famous and The most popular password manager. It has apps for macOS, Windows, and Linux, as well as iOS and Android, and can be used anywhere. Due to the recent shift to cloud operation, access is also possible via browser. For many, 1Password is the most visually appealing password manager, and the features leave a lot to be desired.

Attachments can be added to individual entries and entire vaults can be shared within a company or with a family. the Unlock via biometrics It also supports the use of security keys, including YubiKey and Titan. Passkeys, the current innovation in authentication, can also be managed via 1Password.

With everything handled entirely via the cloud, content in all 1Password apps is always in sync with your current internet connection. If we travel to a sensitive country, one of us will prevent us Travel modeThis data is synchronized so that we do not want to release it in emergency situations. 1Password has now switched to a subscription model and charges €2.99 per month.

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1Password is free to internal control Department And Android available.


Enpass is described as a 1Password alternative for those who don’t want to be tied to the cloud. While the cloud has become unavoidable there, Enpass allows us to do so freedom of choiceWhether, how and where we sync our passwords. Enpass is one of the most visually attractive apps and doesn’t need to hide when it comes to features. Biometric authentication, attachment support and TOTP management are of course available.

Although security keys like YubiKey are not supported to this day, there has been some support upon implementation Pass keys More quickly. It has been possible to use it with Enpass since September. The cloud can also be used in Enpass, although we decide here whether to use it or not. Providers like Dropbox and Google Drive are also here WebDav and WiFi sync available.

Enpass’s audit function regularly reviews our entries Security checkwhere weak, outdated or compromised passwords or access points are identified.

While Enpass has now switched to a subscription model starting at €1.79 per month, we still have the option of a one-time payment. The lifetime license costs €92.99.

Enpass is free for internal control Department And Android available.

Proton corridor

The newest representative among password managers is Proton Pass. As the name suggests, the application comes from From Proton, who have made a name for themselves especially with Proton Mail. As someone special among password managers, it should come as no surprise that the interface is one of the freshest and most attractive in my opinion. In addition to the modern design, the open source manager also offers many practical features. In addition to the almost mandatory TOTP support, Proton Pass also includes biometric registration.

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Also on board is our Notes function, with which we can share encrypted notes between our devices. The feature is particularly exciting in relation to Proton Pass “Hide my email aliases”. Here Proton Pass generates random email addresses that we can use for individual accounts thus protecting our email address. Emails addressed to the alias will be forwarded to our main inbox. If an address becomes public or becomes filled with spam, we can deactivate it at any time and create a new address.

This is especially practical with Proton Pass Combine with all other Proton services. While we can also use a password manager standalone, services like Mail, VPN, or Proton Calendar can be managed collectively via a single account. For additional account protection, TOTP Also cross authentication Safety key maybe. Passkeys are not supported yet, but according to the development team, they are planned.

Proton Pass offers a very limited version of the service for free. Subscription required starting at €3.99 per month for multiple vaults, unlimited aliases, and built-in 2FA. All Proton services combined cost €9.99 per month in the Unlimited package.

Proton Pass is free internal control Department And Android available.


Bitwarden has become a serious alternative in the password space. The open source application provides applications for all major operating systems, and can also be accessed via Web version You can access your private locker anytime, anywhere via your browser. Although the interface design looks a bit outdated, Bitwarden can keep up with the features easily. How to register on Bitwarden Safety key And Pass keys supports. Passkeys are also supported for logging in to other websites.

Also manage TOTP as well as that Append up to one GB Large files are available in the entries, although the free version of Bitwarden does not support both functions. What’s exciting is Bitwarden Send, a feature for sending encrypted texts and files that can be shared even with people who don’t use Bitwarden.

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Bitwarden also offers a regular service Security check of the safe Which checks for weak, reused and compromised passwords.

Although Bitwarden primarily works with the cloud only, the open source application offers the possibility of doing so Self-hosted. If you want to run Bitwarden cloud yourself, you can use unofficial offers such as Vaultwarden Which makes setting it up relatively easy.

While the self-hosted version is completely free, there is a subscription fee of €1 per month when using the official Bitwarden cloud.

Bitwarden is free for internal control Department And Android available.


If open source is important, but the cloud shouldn’t be a requirement, Keepass is still the first port of call to this day. now 20 year old app It is a popular alternative among password managers. Compared to all other shows, more personal work is required here. We don’t find any apps from a single source, there are dozens of offers compatible with Keepass.

Keepass2Android is one of the most popular offerings for Android. Keepass2Android has been continuously developed for years and receives regular updates. The user interface is designed to be simple, intuitive and fully compatible with Keepass v1 and v2.

Top features include support for TOTPOpen across Yupiki In addition to input templates that make the creation process faster. If you want to sync your database with other devices, you can do so using various services, including Dropbox and Google Drive WebDav and SFTP, Make. The built-in keyboard provides an easy way to automatically fill in your login details. Only passkeys are not supported yet.

Keepass2Android is free Android available.


Strongbox is a password manager for macOS and iOS that also… Keepass Also coordination The password is secure supports. While Strongbox’s interface looks fairly simple, it doesn’t leave much to be desired. Strongbox is constantly being developed and recently supports passkeys. There is hardly an option that Strongbox does not offer. biometric registration, TOTP An unlimited safe is available, for example. also Synchronization With cloud providers as well as via SFTP and WebDav.

There is also one Password verification, which scans our database for reused, weak or old passwords. If desired, the app can also search for compromised accounts and warn us if they are found. While Strongbox chooses the appropriate settings for us by default, we can also customize encryption if desired, including key derivation, compression, and algorithm.

For a better overview, we can download icons on entries or add them manually. Using the TOTP tab, the application shows us all the codes in the database, collected in one place.

The free version of Strongbox is very limited. Only with a subscription starting from € 4.49 we can enjoy all the functions. There is one for fans of one-time payments Lifetime license For 89.99 euros.

Strongbox is free to internal control Department available.