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With these three tips, it works when you’re swimming

With these three tips, it works when you’re swimming

Lose weight by swimming: 3 tips that work to melt belly fat

Swimming is a real calorie killer: you can swim for more than one hour per hour 900 calories Burn. Losing weight by swimming isn’t a myth — it’s entirely possible. Here are 3 tips for fighting particularly stubborn belly fat

1. Proper nutrition

Swimming can make extra pounds fall off — even on the belly. But only if your diet is correct. Because six packs are mostly made in the kitchen. For example, avoid processed foods that contain a lot of sugar or fat, processed meats, and sugary drinks. Dried fruits, alcohol and ready-made dressings, for example for a really healthy salad, are usually full of sugar and tend to stick to your stomach. Foods that promote a flat stomach include whole grains, broccoli, and avocado.

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2. Use the dolphin technique

In principle, every swimming style trains your abdominal muscles. However, there is one technique that challenges your stomach in particular: With the so-called dolphin swim, also known as the butterfly swim, you bring both arms forward above the surface of the water at the same time. The wave-like swim runs through your entire body – and is especially noticeable in the abdominal area.

3. Do interval training

Interval training while swimming increases the efficiency of your workout – so it can also help get rid of stubborn belly fat. Here’s how it works: After you warm up, swim 2 to 3 lanes much faster than you normally would. Then return to your usual pace and recover. Repeat this process several times. In this way, you promote the breakdown of fats in the body, strengthen your endurance, and provide your body with plenty of oxygen.

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