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With this WhatsApp setting, you can send better photos

With this WhatsApp setting, you can send better photos

It is often very annoying that WhatsApp the pictures Highly compressed by default when sending. the picture quality He suffers greatly from this Mobile data consumption However, it is useful.

Last year the Messenger had HD function foot. If you click the HD icon at the right time before sending, you will send photos and videos in high resolution. Unfortunately the HD feature had to do that With every message again To be activated.

Now WhatsApp has finally introduced a way to view your photos By default in high resolution You can send. If you activate this function, all photos and videos will be sent in much better quality in the future.

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How to activate the HD function

  1. Settings” (in Android via the three-dot menu)
  2. Storage and dataSelect – selects
  3. Media download qualitySelect – selects
  4. from “Quality standard” on “HD quality“It changes

In settings, WhatsApp indicates that sending is in standard quality More quickly It happens and Smaller file size he. With HD quality, transmission takes longer and the file can take longer 6 times larger It is said to be.

File size doesn't just matter Memory consumption On the cell phone again, but of course also when using it Mobile data. The quality of photos and videos is much better.

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Not the original quality

However, the images themselves are equipped with an HD function Not the original quality He referred. Also in this case, WhatsApp compresses the files, so minor quality losses can be expected.

with the alternative solution Photos and videos can still be sent in their original quality. To do this, you send photos not as images, but as images document Or file.

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Send photos via WhatsApp in original quality

This is how it works in original quality

  1. In the WhatsApp chat window attached file Tap (plus sign on iOS, paperclip icon on Android)
  2. documentSelect – selects
  3. on “Choose from gallery” He writes
  4. Select and send a photo and/or video

document instead of image

However, the images then appear on the receiver FilesOne Preview In the chat window there is no in this case. It is not possible to upload photos or videos directly from the gallery Original quality Sends. The only way is through the chat window and the attached file.

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