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Big WhatsApp update: new status priorities and angular design – World –

Big WhatsApp update: new status priorities and angular design – World –

WhatsApp is planning to make large-scale changes to status and new sorting
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WhatsApp is planning a major overhaul: video calls will be improved and status will receive an update.

At the end of April, a change in WhatsApp caused a stir. The new green theme was met with disapproval by many users. Most people are now used to it. Now comes the next change – this time it's about status.

Four innovations in WhatsApp status

Status is a popular feature in Messenger. Users can share photos, videos, or GIFs that remain visible for only 24 hours and are then deleted. The case was filed in 2017.

Previously, status updates were displayed in chronological order. The next update could radically change this. In the future, the case will be sorted automatically, explains The new system becomes dynamic by sorting updates based on different factors:

  • Contacts you have chatted with frequently or recently are prioritized.
  • Pinned chats are prioritized.
  • Status updates that are about to expire will be presented so they can be seen before deletion.
  • Top priority is given to status updates from WhatsApp itself, which will appear before anyone else in the future.

The new system is currently being tested in an Android app and should be available to more users in the coming weeks. With the introduction, the timestamp for status updates will also disappear.

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More design options

WhatsApp has taken inspiration from its competitor Snapchat and wants to personalize status further. Eight lines and a variety of colors are now available. These changes to the X were announced in mid-May.

The new functions will be activated gradually. Most users should see it by now. You can access it by tapping the “T” at the top right when creating the status.

Round becomes square?

Meta also seems to work as a status view. In a beta version for Android, the status is no longer round but square, similar to Facebook Stories. This design is intended to provide a better overview. The angular design debuted at the end of February, but it is not yet available in the final version of the messenger. According to, this indicates that a redesign is still a long way off.

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