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With Vattenfall, BASF is building the world's largest wind farm

With Vattenfall, BASF is building the world’s largest wind farm

Drchemical company sorry Together with Swedish energy supplier Vattenfall, it is building what it claims is the largest offshore wind farm in the world. 140 Hollandse Coast Zuid wind turbines are being built 25 kilometers off the Dutch coast and are scheduled to be commissioned in 2023 with a total production of 1.5 GW.

Bernd Freitag

Mainz-based business reporter Ryan Necker Saar.

BASF paid 1.6 billion euros for about half of the shares. In return, the group should receive approximately half of the electricity. It should be the vast majority of them, according to the CEO Martin Brudermüller It flows into the BASF plant in Antwerp and makes a climate-neutral conversion to electrically powered production possible. Antwerp is the group’s largest production site after Ludwigshafen.

For BASF, it is really the second big step towards providing self-sufficiency from green electricity in a short time. At the end of May, the group and RWE announced plans to set up a wind farm in the German North Sea. While the wind turbine foundations are already being built in the Netherlands, the project with RWE, which will supply the headquarters in Ludwigshafen with green electricity, is still in the planning stage.

‘We need a really European plan’

For BASF President Brudermüller, participation in the Netherlands is the “first big step” towards the promised climate neutrality. He explained that the group still needs a few of these projects in order to secure the future demand for green electricity. It is estimated that the company’s demand for electricity will triple by 2035.

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