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Lexus RZ: With Steering Wheel and Radiant Heater

Lexus RZ: With Steering Wheel and Radiant Heater

The Lexus RZ, so to speak, is third in the group. Technically, Lexus is closely related to the Toyota bZ4X, which, in turn, was jointly developed with Subaru and called the Saltera there. Let it be. At first glance, the RZ looks like what you’d imagine a stylish, upscale Lexus car.

And the RZ is electrically operated. It’s also the first Lexus electric car to be built from the ground up. In this way, the lithium-ion battery can also be integrated into the chassis under the car’s floor. With the electric motor, the classic radiator grille, which has always been a special Lexus trademark due to its spindle-shaped design, is also becoming obsolete. Thus the hood was lowered in the RZ and the air intakes were reduced accordingly. The facade is always painted in body color (with black areas on the sides).

Optionally, you get a two-tone paint job for the RZ, with the black area extending from the roof to the hood. An optionally available special feature is the so-called telescopic steering wheel (similar to an aircraft control yoke). The car in which we were allowed to install the first seat was fitted with it. At first glance, this looks like a Play Station, but the thing looks solid and you always have a perfect view of the machines in front of you. Of course, the whole thing is not a design gimmick, but part of the steering system by wire. There is no mechanical connection and no steering column, the driver’s steering inputs are sent electronically to the wheels. For the driver, this means less steering effort and no need to reach the hand (we’ll see how this works in our first test drive).

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