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Wolfgang Ambros owed nothing in Fristadt

Wolfgang Ambros owed nothing in Fristadt

Fresity. Wolfgang Ambros and no. 1 from the Vienna Woods to their audience at the Freistadt Exhibition Hall on the evening of Corpus Christi. Despite his apparent physical ailment, the Austropop star, who celebrated his 50th anniversary in 2022, has mastered his craft as ever. Bottom line: a bunch of successful fireworks and a confident and unleashed audience that didn't stay on the edge of their seats for long.

Applause broke out when Wolfgang Ambros entered the stage, leaning on crutches. With “Careless, But Free” he draws his audience into the crowded auditorium in a good mood for the next two hours. His fans, many of whom were young and old with him, remember that the Ostropop star was in Freistadt once in 1984, when he performed in the main arena. “We're the same band, the same singer as back then. We've added a few songs since then, but it's really all old grievances anyway. And that's exactly what a cheering audience wants to hear, old grievances. Whether 'Hoit do is a Spoit ” or “Du Vastehst mi ned”, the fans, in addition to the old classes and a notable number of young people, reliably seize the text when Wolfgang Ambros's voice no longer works so well. Used for. You know Ambros, and you love Ambros, regardless of Your age.

With “Hawelka” the “Father of Austropop” sings a tribute to his friend Georg Danzer, who died in 2007. The audience goes along with the lyrics and cannot keep them in their seats. With “Samma wieda guat”, the No. 1 song takes you musically from the woods of Vienna to the swamps of Louisiana, and with “Zwickts mi” the entire audience finally stands on its feet and the hall hosts surrender. Not only does Ambros miss words once while moving on to the next piece, but keyboardist Gunther Dzikowski always manages to cover it up in a funny way. His fans aren't against “Woifal” anyway. This is followed by “De Kinettn wo i schlof” and “A Mensch möcht i Stay”, and then as a reward for the deafening applause, there are the songs that simply cannot be missed: “Da Hofa”, “Die Blume aus dem Gemeindebau”. “, and last but not least, “Long Live the Central Cemetery” and of course “Schwann”. It's almost eleven o'clock when the concertgoers finally have to accept that Wolfgang Ambros will never have to take to the stage again. He and his band No. 1 from the Vienna Woods, Well deserved also to the members of the Freistadt City Band for the perfect organization of the evening!

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