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Wolftank-Adisa builds a hydrogen filling station |

Wolftank-Adisa builds a hydrogen filling station |


Wolftank-Adisa received an order from Sasa in South Tyrol to build a hydrogen filling station in Bolzano to operate and refuel twelve new hydrogen buses. Peter Wirth, Chief Executive Officer of Wolftank Group: “The Sasa contract is a great reference for us as well as an additional catalyst for many years of experience planning, building and operating gas systems and filling stations in the service of sustainability and the environment in Europe to deliver.”

The new infrastructure is being built as part of the JIVE and MEHRLIN projects funded by the European Union, which provide for the expansion of hydrogen movement and the construction of hydrogen filling stations for bus fleets and are supported by the state of South Tyrol and the European Union projects mentioned above.

In the first phase of expansion, the filling station is designed to accommodate around 15 refueling times per day, as two buses can be refueled in parallel with a refueling time of about 10 minutes. Thanks to its modular scalability, the system is a suitable foundation for an ever-growing fleet of hydrogen buses over the next few years.

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