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Wolkersdorf - RUWI Children's Theater: Tour is over

Wolkersdorf – RUWI Children’s Theater: Tour is over

After many successful performances, RUWI Children’s Theater is now ending. The RUWI snail has finally found its long-sought treasure, just in time for Thanksgiving.

“The shows were a huge success and were well received by parents and children alike,” says Barbara Whitman, who was responsible for the overall management and artistic direction of the play. RUWI has been so successful that there will be a DVD soon. They say a CD is already being planned.

The musical was performed in nine communities in the area around Volkersdorf. Sing, dance and act by 150 children from the local communities, they were divided into three bands and played a total of 22 times. The children were accompanied by their own orchestra, led by the director of the music school Alexander Blach Marius. Sarah Retiro was responsible for the organization and Steffi Neid took over the management.

The shows were mostly sold out, and although it was difficult to move the props and sets to a different location each time, everything went smoothly. “We owe this above all to the community workers who always helped us move everything from one place to another,” Whitman says.

Another tour across the small area has already been planned due to the huge success.