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Happy 70th birthday, Joseph Orschitz!

Happy 70th birthday, Joseph Orschitz!

Dear readers! With all due respect to our columnists, our cross book – the place at the top of the podium belongs to Josef Orschitz.

Nobody embodies the zeitgeist with its political (economic) columns so much, but above all our readers.

Joseph Orschitz celebrates his 70th birthday this Saturday, and on behalf of all my colleagues, I not only wish him all the best, but also thank him for remaining our economically unshakable liberal compass over the years. At a time when money has been abolished – as the saying goes -, when people get what they are owed, sinners like Joseph Orschitz are needed. What we need are journalists who do not allow themselves to be dominated by the zeitgeist and fashion. No one conveys complex economic topics with such ease and understanding as Urschitz. It takes a great deal of competence and erudition to swing such a safe and, above all, accurate pen.

In as much as Orschitz relentlessly and relentlessly denounces the “Gamspart Federalism” and all grievances in this country, he is collective, understanding and open in his dealings with his fellow youth. Thank you and happy birthday!

Yours faithfully, Rainer Nowak

(“Die Presse,” print edition, October 22, 2022)

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