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“Women are the strongest horse in America”: Thomas Mர்ller finds problems with equal pay in Germany

“In terms of money, it depends on how much revenue the product brings in. Accordingly, the flow of money goes into the product,” M முller said. “It’s less than performance. As football players we get more money than basketball and volleyball players. But not because we play football like basketball and volleyball, but fortunately most people in the world love football.

The development of women’s football in Germany is unpredictable. “Of course, sports policy can support it, but ultimately the client decides where to go and where not to go,” Mல்லller said: “We have Wolfsburg or teams. Bayern Munich will always be beautiful in the Champions League, Very good. But I don’t know why women’s football is less popular on the field than men. ”


She presses the women’s national team The European Championship kicks off on July 6 in England The 32-year-old explained. , I don’t think so anymore. But we’re still good. “

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