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World Cup 2022: Brazil advance to the round of 16 – Casemiro breaks the Swiss fortress with a dream goal

World Cup 2022: Brazil advance to the round of 16 – Casemiro breaks the Swiss fortress with a dream goal

On the title contenders side from Brazil, coach Tite had to rotate twice due to injury. At right-back, Eder Militao started with Danilo and Fred started with star player Neymar, who was sidelined with an ankle injury. On the other hand, “Natti” changed one situation: the talent replaced Zardan Shaqiri with Fabian Rieder, who initially had to sit on the bench.

At first, the first game of the early lead in the seventh set promised more than it could deliver. Both teams started very carefully and cautiously, and also made an unusually large number of errors in concentrating while building up.

The Seleção dominated from the start, but they were unable to convert that into chances against a stable Swiss defence.


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In the 27th minute, the Swiss had to take a deep breath for the first time when Vinicius headed a Rafinha cross into the net – but Sommer managed to save it with a brilliant reaction. After that, little happened.

Both teams did not take their last chances, often slowing the pace and the disappointing 45 minutes ended goalless.

Brazil found it very difficult against Switzerland

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However, the second half started faster. The intensity increased dramatically, and both teams also picked up more speed in the offensive game. But there was still a feeling that neither Brazil nor Switzerland were fully out.

Vinicius’ goal, which was later ruled out for Richarlison’s offside, came out of nowhere (65). Then the Brazilians pushed for the opening goal and redeemed themselves late: only in the 83rd minute did Casemiro come to an end after a great interaction between Vinicius Jr. and Rodrio and smashed the ball with a full step into the right corner of the goal. Despite the tiring performance, the world champion record early in the round of 16.

Three things that stand out: no heart, but a fist

Tweet about the game

Curious: The floodlights went out at 974 Stadium shortly before halftime.

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Game sounds

Tite (Brazil coach): “Today, the team that had developed over the past four years won. They used all their skills. It was a tough game, Switzerland have a great defense, we had to give everything. We said it was a kind of chess, you have to analyze every piece carefully before you play.” You can take steps.

Murat Yakin (Switzerland coach): “The match plan worked for a very long time. We controlled the opposition well with an intense running performance. It’s a sad moment that we gave up the game. There was a bit of attacking courage. With a bit of luck I could have been sure there was more.” But we still have it in our hands.”

Casemiro (Brazil): “We played patiently. It’s not good games, that’s clear. The two teams are holding each other apart, it’s minor things. In the end, someone scored, and that was me today. Really nice goal (laughs).”

Jan Sommer (Switzerland): “We performed well in large parts of the game, defended well and were composed. We didn’t allow much except for an offside goal. Unfortunately, we lost the ball too early, and we couldn’t give any relief. Then it will be difficult at some point.”

Game number: 8

With the second win in the second match, the Seleção reached the round of 16 in their eighth consecutive World Cup, cementing their claim to the title. An impressive statistic from the South American team.

That was noticeable: Neymar missing or not?

You could say today that the Brazilian attack lacked a certain spark of creativity, and that the classic magic moments of the Seleção were missing. This is certainly due to the absence of the star Neymar, who suffers from an ankle injury. But, despite this failure, the Brazilians did not show any weaknesses and, after a long start, decided the match in their favor. It wasn’t necessarily Joga Bonito, but the candidates played as a unit, played with passion, heart and soul and won deservedly in the end. So maybe it is possible without Neymar?

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