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World Cup |  Cornelia Hutter in third place landing in Val d’Isère, won by Fleury

World Cup | Cornelia Hutter in third place landing in Val d’Isère, won by Fleury

Cornelia Hütter secured the first podium place for an ÖSV alpine skier at the Alpine Skiing World Cup more than a year ago. Styrian finished third in Val d’Isere on Saturday, 24 one-hundredths of a second behind winner Jasmine Flury. The world champion led to a double Swiss victory in the absence of Mikael Shiffrin and celebrated her first World Cup victory by 0.22 seconds over Johanna Hallin.

Hutter confirmed her strong form in the second round of the season after finishing fourth in St. Moritz last weekend and narrowly missing out on the top three. On the hard, rugged slope of Val d’Isère, the 31-year-old ended a year-long drought for the red-white-and-red downhill skiers, who last finished on Lake Louise at the start of December 2022 with two (Nina Ortlieb) and three (Hotter ) They got to the podium.

Hutter: “It was an adrenaline rush.”

“It was an adrenaline rush,” Hutter said. “We worked with the material from yesterday to today and it worked really well. The last thing that did not reach the top was some small mistakes on my part. But today everyone made mistakes because everyone was at their limits,” she explained in an interview with ORF. Hutter left behind the Italian Sofia Goggia (fourth) and Slovenian Ilkka Stohic (fifth), who dominated last year’s World Cup. Hählen was only missing two hundred, which she eventually left behind. “I was skating sloppy sometimes, and that’s why I made some mistakes . But it was within its limits. The only thing that really bothered me was that my ski broke before I got to the finish line. Hutter, who was happy with the correct tactics with the material, explained that a 200% second place finish could easily have been achieved. “What I found really cool was that we played a bit of poker yesterday with a different skating model,” she revealed.

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In addition to the Swiss having five riders in the top eleven, the Austrians also achieved a good result as a team. The second best ÖSV rider was Ariane Rädler, who finished seventh by 0.92 seconds, achieving her best World Cup result in almost two years. “The goal was top 15. I feel quite comfortable going down at the moment and I’m really enjoying myself. The going down wasn’t good, but I like it this way anyway,” the Vorarlberg native explained.

Miriam Büchner ended up in tenth place (+1.03 seconds) after a mistake in the lower section. “Upstairs, downstairs,” summed up the Salzburg native. “I had a good start, but I went wildly wide in the tunnel jump. Then there were goals where you take your speed with you, so I was right behind. I lost seven tenths in one section alone. At some point, I have to get all the pieces together,” Buchner said. “Something together to deliver my performance from top to bottom.”

Thanks to strong riding in the lower section, Fleury claimed her second World Cup win, and first in the downhill. “Today it was a little faster, a little more difficult, a little bit more anxious. I tried to stay clean on the skis and the pull,” the Swiss, who finished second in Friday’s only training session, said in an interview with ORF. She celebrated her only previous World Cup victory before Six years in the Super-G Championship.

American star Shiffrin wasn’t there at first. The World Cup winner and St. Moritz winner has skipped the slope and will take part in the Super-G on Sunday (11am / Live ORF 1).