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World Heritage Prater Hauptallee – The Great Jubilee of 200 years of running in Prater

Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig accepts the “Athletics World Heritage Plaque” – an initiative of the Vienna City Marathon

Vienna It is a public holiday for running in Vienna and Austria: Prater Hauptallee is inscribed as a world “landmark” in the World Heritage in Athletics. Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig “World Athletics Heritage Board” Reverse.

Subtitle: Prater Hubtaly: Excellent!
Austria’s most popular place to run has been called “the home of runners and current events since 1822”. Because the first organized race on the Prater Hauptallee, the “Wiener Lauferfest,” happened on May 1st 200 years ago. Since then, millions of kilometers and billions of steps have been run on the 4.3 kilometers directly between Pratterstern and Lusthaus. On private tours, on structured training sessions, in the Vienna City Marathon, the Austrian Women’s Race and many other small and large events up to the INEOS 1:59 Challenge with Eliud Kipchoge.
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The World Heritage Prize is awarded only in rare cases. Previous award winners have been sporting greats such as Jesse Owens, Emil Zatopek and Great Witz, as well as notable venues and events such as the Letzigrund meet in Zurich and ISTAF at the Olympiastadion Berlin. A panel of experts from the IAAF awards the plaque “for an outstanding contribution to the global history and development of world athletics”. The idea and the driving force for the now successful “Welterbe Hauptallee” project came from the Vienna City Marathon.

Subtitle: Mayor Ludwig accepts the black
“The City of Vienna is very proud to have been awarded the World Heritage Athletics Board for the Prater Hauptallee. This international award makes people aware of Prater Hauptallee’s privileged location for running and running events. The history of the sport and the present are connected in a large urban green space. I would like to thank the Vienna City Marathon for its initiative and hope May the World Heritage Prize for the Main Trail motivate more people than before to run here and be active in the sport,” said Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig, who received a plaque from World Heritage Athletics member, historian and athletics expert Olaf Brockmann.

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Congratulations from World Athletics President Sebastian Koe

“World Athletics is delighted to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Prater Hauptallee in Vienna by presenting the World Athletics Heritage plaque. “We are proud to recognize the outstanding contribution of the Prater Hauptallee to the history and development of running,” said Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics, in a video message. “.

Mayor Ludwig handed the badge to Wolfgang Konrad, organizer of the Vienna City Marathon. The World Athletics Heritage board will be presented on April 19 at Prater Hauptallee and will be permanently installed on the site.

Subtitle: VCM Organizer Konrad: A Great Appreciation for the Streaming Community
“The inclusion of the world heritage is a great recognition and appreciation for the Austrian sport of running. It is a stimulus and a gift for the entire running community, for everyone who runs the main road and organizes competitions,” says Wolfgang Konrad. Five days before the Vienna City Marathon, the plaque will have its permanent place right on the street. This also highlights a new track for participants in Austria’s biggest sporting event. Konrad: “There are more than 30,000 registrations for the upcoming Vienna City Marathon, including many guests from all over Austria and a total of 125 countries. The VCM is the largest tourist event in Vienna for the second time since the beginning of the pandemic. The World Heritage Award also strengthens our position at the international level Because Vienna is gaining prominence as a working city.”

Sub-title: The World Heritage City of Vienna: Exhibition and Print Magazine
Ernst Waller, First Speaker of the State Parliament of Vienna, emphasized Vienna’s exceptional position as a multi-world heritage city: “We are very pleased to have Vienna included in the World Heritage for Sport and Athletics as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is important for me to spread this remarkable story and raise awareness. We are accompanying the World Heritage painting and its 200th anniversary with an open-air exhibition in Prater Hauptälje and a high-quality printed magazine.”

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From 19 April, the World Heritage Gallery will be spread over nine towers throughout the Prater Hauptälje, presenting the ongoing history of this place and the city of Vienna. In the series “Vienna’s Global Success” by Echo media, Managing Director Christian Pöttler presented a hot magazine of over 100 pages. Notable people, stories, and events from the 200 years of Laufen in Vienna are told in exciting stories and photos.

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