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World premiere at Salzburgring |  BG Sportpromotion GmbH, June 10, 2021

World premiere at Salzburgring | BG Sportpromotion GmbH, June 10, 2021

The world premiere of the XLR8 from June 11-13, 2021 in Salzburg also provides an accelerated live experience at home. For three days, three subject worlds await in the XLR8 Digital Experience.

Salzburgring (OTS) XLR8 (Acceleration) combines first-class racing, gallery navigation, gaming and an exciting support program. Although the first edition in Salzburg still has to dispense with on-site spectators, organizer BG Sportpromotion has devised a lot to make XLR8 the number one live experience in front of your PC, laptop or smartphone.

Navigation XLR8

At the first issue of XLR8 Future Talks as part of the XLR8 at the Salzburgring, leading experts from the motorsports, mobility and energy sectors will discuss the topic on Friday (June 11, 12:00-13:15 p.m.) “Motorsports – Quo Vadis? – Developments in motorsports and their impact on future mobility”. Peter Martin (General Manager KTM E-Technologies), Dr. Peter Shugel (Vice President, AVL Vehicle and Racing List), Dr. Brigitte Bach (Board Member Salzburg AG), Kurt Kaiser (Managing Director NOW Serviceplan) and Kurt Tripp (Head of Technology Road Racing KTM). What technological advances can we expect? What does “green” motorsports look like? And what role does racing play in the development of cars and motorcycles?

The XLR8 Future Talks will be run by renowned sports commentator Ernst Hausleitner.

through the stream Viewers can be there live or on demand, and they can ask the experts their questions directly

XLR8 Games

Then the elite German-speaking racing sim dash over the virtual Salzburgring on Saturday and Sunday at the same time with real role models! If you want to take on the challenge on your own, you can participate in your very own racing simulator. All about sharing and link to streamرابط

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XLR8 Racing

Six high-speed racetrack chains put under the wheels for the weekend. You can watch modern monopostos, young touring cars, timeless classics and young motorcyclists on their way to MotoGP. The qualifying sessions and all 13 races can also be watched on broadcast, broadcasting on Saturdays at 9:30am and on Sundays at 8:30am. Race days can also be viewed in retrospect. everything

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