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Tatar: "Siri is very weak Euro"

Tatar: “Siri is very weak Euro”

The European Football Championship begins on Friday. EM Tour also on episode 112 of our podcast DAB | audio guide great topic. commentator Otto Rosnauer, Supervisor Martin Conrad And SkyExpert Alfred Tatar chat with Sebastian Braudel About the next European Championship finals. Alfred Tatar says we will “see a significant weakening of the euro” and takes UEFA chief Franco Voda under protection.

Alfred Tatar (Sky expert):
…to the criticism of the ÖFB team: “We have a national team made up of players who come from all over the world – Germany, China, etc. The team manager can only share his thoughts a little in the so-called training sessions as a team. I’m afraid that when many players come back To their employers, nothing will ever falter. The biggest losers in globalized football are the national teams. Not only Austrian, but also many others. So I think we will see severe weakness in the eurozone. It is simply no longer possible to implement the basic ideas in teams. We will really see a lot of pasta. Franco Foda is the only one who is in the spotlight and least able to help him. The team boss is a passenger, not a driver.”

DAB | Audio Guide Episode #112 with Sebastian Braudel

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