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WRC 10 in testing: Nostalgia meets modernity

WRC 10 in testing: Nostalgia meets modernity

just before 2021 World Rally Championship For their ninth stop in Greece, the developers from KT Racing . send WRC 10 Its now six simulation rally In racing, which this year finally succeeded Powerslide on the throne of the genre thanks to several innovations.

1×1: What is WRC anyway and what to expect? Our “ABC” series tells you all.

ABC of … FIA World Rally Championship


50 years of the World Radiocommunication Conference – the pattern of history

The FIA ​​World Rally Championship celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2022. In line with this, the tenth installment of the simulation series pays homage to the history of off-road motorsports with its “50th Anniversary Mode”. Aside from the somewhat bumpy name, it has a lot to offer.

official style Formula 1 games from Code Masters go with her Different rally cars since the beginning of the racing series in 1973 At first. This is in total four categories (Group 4, Group B, Group A and Modern), which you will unlock gradually and experience the history of WRC for yourself.

Starts in group 4 with Acropolis march from 1973Renault Alpine was able to secure its first world championship title for the manufacturer. all in all 15 events Until 2019 currently available, More to follow as free DLC after release. WRC 10 attempts to bring you closer to the history of the World Rally Championship and includes stages Exciting background information-Details about special features and original photos. almost one WRC Virtual Encyclopedia to experience.

In History mode, you can experience the highlights from 50 years of the World Radiocommunication Conference.

© KT Racing

Historical events await with background information and original photos

© KT Racing

Legend: Colin McRae is one of the biggest names in rally motorsport. The Scotsman has shaped an entire generation and made rallying games socially acceptable through his own series. Colin McRae Raleigh is one of the Best offroad racing game ever.

Colin McCray: Champion for 25 Years


Exciting career mode

With WRC 9, the developers have given Career Mode a general overhaul, which will continue to run this year. This time you create your own here Special Racing Team And you can choose to compete in the Junior WRC class or, after a successful proficiency test, in WRC 3 to reach the top off-road motorsport class.

included In WRC 10, you can control the fate of your racing team as a manager It fills the race calendar with various events outside of the special race stages, hires new employees and activates a number of improvements into a comprehensive research and development tree.

Well, this is nothing new in the racing game genre, but it is very motivating in the long run. Especially since then Your performance in challenges and gatherings has a direct impact on the game. If you scrap your car, for example, the repair costs incurred can leave a deep hole in the racing team’s cash register. Unfortunately, this also includes the morale of the employees who work less effectively and at some point give up their jobs completely.

In career mode, you become the manager of your own team.

© KT Racing


Forza Horizon touch

do not worry: WRC 10 is and remains an authentic and challenging racing simulationn one Realistic illustration of motorsport have described. Yet it carries a small pinch of Forza Horizon Entering the game in two ways.

On the one hand there Brand new skin editor – Novelty within the range. With it, you can design your rally car completely individually. Here you can choose not only from the cars of the 2021 season, but also from all the cars included in the game (30 in number, without exclusive pre-order bonuses).

If you color the body, hood and mirrors to your liking, you can spice them up with stickers. NSYou can stack 500 layers on top of each other And don’t just use original manufacturer labels, tags, shapes, or gradients. Forza fans know what to do with such an editor.

This brings us straight to the second thing that WRC 10 has in common with arcade racers: goals or milestones. Many stickers want to be unlocked first by completing different objectives in other modes. In addition, your driver’s card provides you with exciting statistics about the highlights of your career such as distance traveled, farthest hop or number of tires used.

Designers get their money’s worth in the new paint editor.

© KT Racing

On the gravel slopes of Finland Rally Or in the snow of Rally Sweden, the WRC 10 is also a great figure. In fact, the gameplay in the racing simulator is more detailed than last year.

The simulation is very realistic and presents itself, especially with the disabled driving aids Finally on par with the genre leader DiRT Rally 2.0. Above all, the effects of the various road surfaces on maneuverability are impressive. On the other hand, if you activate ABS and Co, the newbies will get their money’s worth.

WRC 10 It captures the thrill of a motorsport rally almost perfectly a. If you heat up at night, in heavy rain, at a speed of about 200 km/h through thick green forest, the pump will run out of steam. An adrenaline rush that is second to none. once again Enhanced graphics engine Then it does the rest and grades above all else with cool light and weather effects. Even if the KT engine doesn’t quite come close to the technical brilliance of the DiRT 5.

WRC 10 is playing again

© KT Racing

Exclusive insights: Mike Chen and his teamWRC Not FilterTake a look behind the scenes of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship and talk to a WRC legend and two-time world champion, among others Carlos Sainz.

Carlos Sainz interview


Multiplayer: Online, split-screen and relax as a passenger

But WRC 10 doesn’t just offer soloists a lot of content for the money (after all, there’s around 120 stages in 19 environments for optional). Even those who like to find the best time with friends will get the title well. In addition to the possibility of Get started with split screen playersAre you allowed to enter? Online mode They fought for victory and even gathered together in clubs.

Clubs, however, rather lord of the sheepYou complete a certain number of individually selected special tests in a specific time window in order to secure the championship title.

If you feel like relaxing after all the action of racing, just give it a try Passenger Mode It has a special phase without the need to step on the gas pedal. However, that was not relaxing, because You are, of course, responsible for declaring angles and risks – If they don’t fit, the duo will end up in the ditch faster than you want them to.

Rainy Night: A Nightmare for Rally Drivers (the default).

© KT Racing

Numerous improvements and the successful Anniversary Mode make WRC 10 a true highlight for racing gamers and one of the best racing games of the year so far. Off-road motorsports enthusiasts and fans of the genre get their money’s worth.

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