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Wrestling and stranglehold: Three red stops for the cup clash between FC Red Bull Salzburg and SK Sturm Graz!  – Bundesliga

Wrestling and stranglehold: Three red stops for the cup clash between FC Red Bull Salzburg and SK Sturm Graz! – Bundesliga

what Summit meetingwhich was held as part of the 24th ADMIRAL Bundesliga inter-challenge round SK Sturm Graz The hero of the series and the leader Red Bull Salzburg Club It's over at the Merkur Arena. Thanks to the sporting nature, the Red Bulls retained Gold Gate from Mads Bidstrup (See also match report) She had the upper hand – but the scenes that took place in the final moments of the derby – including stoppage time, which lasted more than 105 minutes – were less sporting… Four red cards It was drawn and three actors flew Soft red From the field – He will be missing on Thursday Cup semi-final hit at Walls-Siesenheim (8:45 p.m., League portal LIVE TICKER).

Stefan Ebner

Last season's “referee of the year”, Stefan Ebner, was busy in the last minutes and had to show the red card four times. An ignominious end to an intense and hard-fought derby in the ADMIRAL Bundesliga Championship group, with the Red Bulls remaining the league's only historic leaders – now five points ahead of the 'Blackies'.

The clashes in the half court developed into a flashpoint, followed by three red cards

In sequence: Lukas Jorna Duath And Dimitri Lavallee They clashed in midfield after a routine foul – the 27-year-old Belgian's fist occurred there, which VAR later disputed and referee Stefan Ebner told the team to come to the monitor. The red card against the SK Sturm defender was the third of four cards the Austrian top referee had to show.

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Even before the field review, there was confusion John Gorenc Stankovic In the aforementioned scene, he went to the “fighters” and asked the Salzburg midfielder to “wrestle.” The former then received a direct red card after the nerves had calmed somewhat, while Lucas Jorna Duath received a yellow card and was later sent off with a red card due to the “assault” assessment.

also Omar Soulet He allowed himself to be drawn into something careless – but this scene was not resolved until later, when the game was already over. This meant that nine of Sturm's players faced off against ten of the Red Bulls in the final moments of the strike – and that situation did not change at the end of the match on Sunday.

BUT: All three top performers will miss the cup on Thursday, and there will be a “return match” between the two local “main figures” and the current “hottest stocks” in red-white-red club football in Wals-Siesenheim at cup level. . Who will reach the final in Klagenfurt (8:45 p.m., League portal LIVE TICKER)?

After the final whistle, the Blackies' sporting director was also upset Andreas Schecker They overly criticized the refereeing team's decisions and also saw a red box due to their protest.

Choking or just “pushing off the shoulder”?

SK Sturm Graz coach Christian Ilzer, who condemned Lukas Jorna Duath as an “Anzeitler”, acknowledged the red card against John Gorenc Stankovic, but did not understand Dimitri Lavallee's exclusion and spoke in sky-Interview by 'A very harsh red card' And one “Push away on the shoulder”. The camera images of this action speak a completely different language.

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Former Bundesliga referee Oliver Drachta explained the procedure in such confusing situations as follows: “First, you have to pay attention to the two players who started the fight. Then I agreed in advance with the team of referees who will look where in such situations – everyone has their tasks and everyone has a different point of view. Then you take responsibility for the events that happen. We watched together, and the referee has to Decide”.

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