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Scherpen's future at Sturm Graz was made clear

Scherpen's future at Sturm Graz was made clear

SK Sturm Graz has clarified their goalkeeper position for next season.

It is likely that the loan contract of injured Kjell Scherben from Brighton & Hove Albion will be extended. Andreas Schecker speaks on Sky ahead of the match against Red Bull Salzburg about a “very big possibility”. “The talks are about to end,” the Stormmaster said.

The contract “just needs to be signed.” The Dutchman has clearly indicated his desire to stay in Graz. This week he returned to Graz from a rehabilitation center in the Netherlands. He should be fit again for next season.

The alternative due to the “tremendous quality in the loan players sector”

As an alternative, Graz have loaned Veclav Jaros from Liverpool until the summer. After suffering a torn ACL in the summer, Scherben played through the fall and then underwent surgery.

The fact that Sturm relies on loan goalkeepers has to do with the fact that there is “enormous quality in the loan player sector”.

Further discussions with Otar Ketishvili and David Affengruber are still pending for Sheker. Both contracts expire in the summer.

This is what Sturm Stadium in Liebenau could look like

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