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Xbox makes cloud gaming available for smart TVs

Xbox makes cloud gaming available for smart TVs

X-Box she has announceAnd the cloud games on me Samsung Smart TVs availability. already from June 30 will feature in 27 countries be available, including Austria and Germany.

The feature belongs to 20 year plan The gaming giant, which includes expanding its cloud gaming offerings to tablets, smartphones, and other devices. With the connection of Samsung Smart TVs, the path to making the gaming console obsolete is slowly progressing.


So if you own a new Samsung Smart TV, you can play without a computer or console. participation in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate it is necessary (12.99 € per month). The game catalog includes all Xbox titles like Hello– describe it ForzaSeries, but also titles Bethesda, EA A large selection of high quality indian games.

In addition to a suitable TV, you need Xbox app From Samsung game center. There you log in with one Microsoft account a. If you don’t have a Game Pass subscription, you can fortnite Play for free without a membership.

Also, you need one controllersWho is around Bluetooth It can be connected to a TV. There are no requirements to use the Xbox console.

Wanted new smart tv from samsung

However, there is a new one for this Samsung TVs from 2022 it is necessary. It is not yet known whether older models will receive an update or whether it is planned to increase cooperation with manufacturers of smart TVs.

However, Xbox makes it clear that collaboration is the first step. So it is clear that the service will be expanded in the future.

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