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You can jump to this height on any planet

You can jump to this height on any planet

Navigating the Moon is more fun than it is on Earth – even in the 100-pound spacesuit. Bild: U.S. National Archives

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You can jump to this height on any planet (dwarf planet Pluto wins!)

Suppose you take a trip through our world: Where can you jump to the top?

The average person jumps about half a meter to the ground. Of course, you can still get something out of your style, for example by raising your legs, pulling your arms around you and bending down.

From 1900 to 1912, the so-called “standing vault” was Olympic! American Ray Ewry is said to have jumped to the highest altitude of 1,655 meters. The official world record today is 1,616 meters according to the Guinness Book of Records and was set by 24-year-old Canadian Evan Ungar, with whom he jumped nearly 1.79 meters in height.

In addition to the strong “wädli”, the height of the jump naturally depends on the gravitational force of the planet it is currently on. The smaller this, the more you can fend off yourself.

Of all the planets in our solar system, one can make the highest jump on Mercury and Mars – after all, about 1.2 meters. For fun, we have also incorporated our moon and dwarf planet Pluto in our drawing: navigation will most of the time be on Pluto. Fun Do this, you can push yourself more than 7 meters off the ground (but with warm clothes, whose temperature is less than 242 degrees Celsius).

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Naturally, very few people enjoyed this “bounce”. Even the astronauts on the moon didn’t jump three feet. The reason for this is not least the spacesuit, which alone weighs between 80 and 100 kilograms. In absolute weightlessness, you don’t feel that weight of course, but on the moon you are “very slow” when jumping.

However, astronaut Pete Conrad on the second manned mission to the moon Apollo 11 apparently enjoyed hopping on the moon, as he sang on the radio: “Dee dum dee dum. I feel like Bugs Bunny.”

The future will determine whether a human will get a chance to hop on other planets or moons. In addition to inhuman temperatures and the long journeys to get there, there are also some other ‘technical obstacles’ that must be overcome. For example, the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all made of gas. Without a hard surface, jumping is difficult.

This thought experiment comes from the “Bright Side” YouTube channel. The authors have created an easy-to-watch video with great animations and entertaining facts.

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If the planets are close to the moon in the night sky


If the planets are close to the moon in the night sky

What: Watson / Keystone

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