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You can't trust the Internet!

You can't trust the Internet!

A sad. She saw a movie that she really liked and would like to recommend it to as many people as possible. One of these people is her mother.

Column by Todor Ovcharov

A's mother is very similar to her. They both like to wear gray pants, both love coffee with milk foam, and both are easily exalted. A's mother heard the movie recommendation and said it was a shame they couldn't watch the movie together, but she would.

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This is where the quiet part of this story ends. Because before she saw the movie, A's mother wanted to read something about the movie on the Internet. The review I found completely panned the movie. In the interest of objectivity, I requested a second opinion online about the film, but that wasn't good either. And then I decided not to watch the movie at all.

A few days later, A called her mother and wanted to talk to her about the movie. It turns out that the mother not only did not watch the movie, but was also angry at A for recommending such a terrible movie to her. Obviously, the Internet's authority was much higher than an A grade.

On the same day, A bought cookies from the bakery on the corner and went to her mother to explain their differences. The mother, who usually devours a packet of cookies in ten minutes, sat at the other end of the table and looked at A angrily.

He tried in vain to explain that anyone can say anything anonymously on the Internet. The mother did not agree. If something is on the Internet, it must be true.

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She ate the cookies nervously, her chin full of sugar. As a last hope, A said that reviews from the Internet could also come from AI. “After all, your coffee machine isn't allowed to advise you on how to drink your coffee.”

Her mother thought. She always drinks her coffee with milk foam, but what if she suddenly wants it black? Finally A was happy again. Her mother decided to watch the movie after all.