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Royal birthday |  The Princess with a Heart: Charlene Monaco seems to have found her place

Royal birthday | The Princess with a Heart: Charlene Monaco seems to have found her place

In the popular press, Charlene is repeatedly described as the hapless Princess of Monaco. And in fact: life alongside Albert II may not have been a childhood dream for the former professional swimmer.

It's been 13 years since the dream wedding in 2011, and the enthusiasm for swimming continues to this day: Charlene from Monaco said in a previous interview that her twins already know all the swimming pools in Monaco. Nine-year-old hereditary prince Jacques and his sister Gabriella have long been the new stars of the Mediterranean principality. Gorgeous photos of the family are constantly posted on the royal family's Instagram account.

It is not known how she celebrates her birthday – as is often the case, the palace keeps a low profile. It is said that Charlene is not very close to people. Every appearance and every absence from one of Monaco's glamorous annual events is viewed critically by the tabloids.

Difficult years

The last few years in particular have been marked by Charlene's illness. In the spring of 2021, she became ill during a trip to her native South Africa. According to media reports, she was suffering from a severe ear, nose and throat infection, which would require one or more surgeries. It was not possible to transport the princess and she had to remain in South Africa for several months. She returned home only in the spring of 2022.

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Speculation surrounding her absence has always been denied. “We are only human,” the princess recently told the “Monaco Matin” program, “the only difference is that she and her family are constantly exposed to the media.” Any weakness will be announced immediately. Her husband was always by her side during this difficult time: “He did everything to protect our children and me.”

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It now appears that Charlene has caught herself. She is present in public life in the small country of Monaco; She looks more relaxed and happy than ever – most recently when she was playing football with her sister-in-law Stephanie.

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Africa is their homeland

Charlene was born in 1978 in what is now Zimbabwe, and moved to South Africa with her family when she was 12 years old. “I am African. This is my home, and it will always be so. It is in my heart, in my veins,” she once said.

Family and sport played an important role in Charlene's youth: “We are a very close family, my brothers Gareth and Sean and I were raised around the same values ​​– those that sport gave us,” she says in previous interviews. As a professional swimmer, she even competed in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. She also met Prince Albert in 2000 at a swimming competition in Monaco.

Charlene, where she feels comfortable: In the water

Charlene, where she feels comfortable: In the water

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Prince Albert once said on the American program “In Depth” that their love of sports brought them together. “But it's also about their personality, their enthusiasm and their love of life.” By the way, they have never swum in a race, the governor of the small Mediterranean country said: “I think we all know how that will turn out. ”