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You face this punishment after the restaurant curfew - Coronavirus

You face this punishment after the restaurant curfew – Coronavirus

From May 19, it is finally possible to visit gastronomy again. But everyone who violates the curfew faces heavy penalties.

Friday afternoon it was finally announced: Slots in all areas. Gastronomy in particular has likely been particularly pleased with the promises made by Federal Chancellor Curtis, Deputy Chancellor Kugler, Minister of Health Mukstein & Co., since their six-month lockdown.

Starting May 19, a similar easing will be implemented nationwide as in VorarlbergIt comes into effect: The restaurant is open inside and outside, and four people from two families (ten people in the open air) can sit for each table, and there must be a safety distance between them two meters. To be presented, you must present a negative test or certificate of survivor’s disease. Vaccinated people can arrive 22 days after the first bite.

Curfews and penalties

There has been a real struggle lately over curfews. Doctors called at 7 pm, as in Vorarlberg. The economy wanted to be open until 11 pm. In the end, a compromise was found – a 10 pm curfew. As in the fall, when the tattoo was applied in the middle of the night, it will again impose severe penalties for violations.

Because according to the current situation, there will be no option to order a member’s penalty (usually 90 euros), as is the case with violations of the distance and mask requirements. Anyone caught as a guest in the restaurant after 10 PM should expect a complaint.

According to the Covid-19 Measures Act, the punishment can be Up to 3,600 euros Amount, even threatening restaurants overpayments Up to 30,000 euros.

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The exact amount depends on factors such as the severity of the violation, the severity of the error, the financial situation, and any additional penalties. The county administrative authority decides this on a case-by-case basis.

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