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Coronavirus and pollen allergy: all information for hay fever patients

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For those with pollen allergies, the first plants bloom as soon as the plague begins. But this year, many hay fever patients are concerned not only about the main flowering period, but also about it Corona Virus. Many people with allergies feel unstable and fear an increased risk of contracting the Coronavirus or an allergic reaction to vaccination.

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But do people who suffer from allergies to pollen actually have an increased risk of infection and what should they take into account in vaccinating against corona? We have put together all the important information for hay fever patients for you.

Do people who are allergic to pollen have an increased risk of contracting the Coronavirus?

People with hay fever have a certain type of pollen Hypersensitivity to the immune system On. However, they do not have a weak immune system. Therefore, those with pollen allergies have neither an increased risk of contracting the coronavirus nor Covid-19. No th Hypersensitivity In addition to taking medications for hay fever, you can continue as usual.

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How do the symptoms of Covid 19 differ from the symptoms of hay fever?

However, doubts can arise when differentiating the symptoms of COVID-19 from those of pollen allergy. As a general rule, it can be said that fever, body aches as well as sore throat and headache are atypical symptoms of hay fever in contrast to Covid 19 disease.

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What should people who suffer from allergies to pollen take into account in vaccination against Corona?

Recently, it has been repeatedly heard in various media that some Corona vaccines can be dangerous for allergy sufferers – but what is really true in that phrase?

To date, it is known that there is a higher risk of allergic reactions associated with the mRNA vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna compared to other vaccines. However, the number of serious cases of hypersensitivity is negligible.

Especially with regard to patients with pollen allergy, there is no increased risk of vaccination against Corona. Many people who have already been diagnosed with allergic reactions to certain medications, X-ray contrast media, or laxatives may be at increased risk of developing side effects.

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To protect against possible side effects, it is important in any case to fill in the patient’s history sheet in detail and in good conscience before vaccination against Corona, and if necessary, to have a preliminary conversation with the attending physician.

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