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Young people shake Burek |  SK Storm

Young people shake Burek | SK Storm

U11: Third place in the Adria Cup in Porec

SK Sturm U11 were also represented in the Soccer Adria Cup in Porec. The match was held in an 8+1 format, in three groups of six, including clubs from eight countries. So our U11 team concluded that 200 minutes of playing time is something to be proud of.

Group stage results: Sturm Rutter Stern Belgrade 1:0, Olympia Laibach 3:0, NK Triglav Kranj 1:0, FSR 1:0, Mizoli Vokisoli 0:0.

As group winners, we confidently advanced to the Gold Group, where all 1st and 2nd placed teams played to win the championship in Tournament Mode.

There was another clash with Red Star Belgrade. The boys were able to create three first-class scoring opportunities, but were unable to convert any of them. At the same time, our team defended fantastically and did not allow any scoring opportunities until the end of the match. In minutes 20+4 (actually there was no stoppage time in this tournament) we conceded the first goal in the tournament and left the field losing.

Dinamo Zagreb waited first in the second round. Once again we were unable to convert two big chances. On the other hand, Dynamo did not shoot any ball on goal. Final score: 0-0. Other matches: MTK Budapest 1:1, Rapid Vienna 2:0, Blau-Weiss Linz 1:0.

With only two goals conceded in ten matches, we ended up with an impressive third place, although the boys represented SK Sturm Graz brilliantly in all matches and deserved more.

Note: Moritz Mako was named the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

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Final standings: 1. Dinamo Zagreb, 2. ⁠ Red Star Belgrade, 3. ⁠ SK Storm, 4. ⁠ Rapid Vienna, 5. ⁠ MTK Budapest.

Congratulations to the boys who played a tournament that was truly worth watching!

Coaching team: Martin Timmel and Philippe Sitsam