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YouTube with a new post: Fans are laughing at it

YouTube with a new post: Fans are laughing at it

YouTube developers have given fans of one of their apps a function that seems useful at first glance. However, a closer look quickly shows how limited the feature is at the moment.

YouTube Music on Pixel 7 Pro

YouTube Music on Pixel 7 Pro

In addition to the video app of the same name, YouTube has also been offering its own music app for iOS and Android for quite some time. After the company made an initial announcement of the new features back in February, they are now officially rolling out to the Music app. As is often the case, the first is the USA, but availability in other regions should follow in the future. However, the edit is also visible in the individual channels’ normal YouTube presence; This already applies to the German side.

YouTube expands podcast support

how 9to5Google in an appeal to Youtube He writes, when you open the company’s music app, a new button for podcasts appears. actually beginning of april Similar changes are now visible on the web at If you visit a channel that also has podcast content, a corresponding tab will appear next to Videos and Short Films.

This is the first limitation that users have come to expect from classic podcast apps. You cannot subscribe to any offer just by entering a feed. The Provider shall actively upload and maintain its Offers on YouTube. Firstly In the future It gives creative users of the service an option to upload existing audio content via their RSS feeds.

For true podcast fans, the feature has offered limited options so far. If audio content is enough for you, you’re better off with a traditional podcast app. However, if you want to seamlessly switch between your audio and video experience, you can’t beat YouTube Music. Here’s the developer’s experience with music videos, as it’s been possible for a long time.

However, our tests sometimes showed different results between the classic video app and the music app. In some cases, current episodes have been missing from some channels’ podcast listings, although they can be found in the overall overview. Also, the arrangement was not always chronological, as is usually the case for podcasts. It is unclear if this is due to a lack of maintenance from the channels or YouTube itself.

Google Podcasts and YouTube Music: Two apps with similar features

It’s not currently clear what the implications of YouTube Music’s podcast integration will be on the Google Podcasts app. The latter is a traditional application for audio presentations, which also supports any RSS feed and offers significantly more content.

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