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YouTuber 3D prints a Dyson fan for $30

YouTuber 3D prints a Dyson fan for $30

on the channel Slim 3D An interesting concept of a 3D printed fan has been introduced. This is inspired by Dyson’s famous rotorless fans.

The video first explains how Dyson fans work. Air is directed through a complex system of ducts and blown through specially shaped openings. This creates the desired cooling effect with no visible rots.

However, the complex construction makes Dyson fans expensive. This is where 3D printing comes in, according to the YouTuber. A full fan prototype was printed in the video. This uses a simple centrifugal motor that forces air through two side vents.

The prototype was convincing in testing, despite being built in just 24 hours. Of course, there is still potential for improvement, for example in the air distribution. But the video impressively shows how 3D printing can simplify the production of such complex structures.

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