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Mercedes CLA Class: the first harbinger of an entry-level electric Mercedes

Mercedes CLA Class: the first harbinger of an entry-level electric Mercedes

Starting at Mercedes is going to look different in the future. This seems evident since it became known that Class A and Class B had no future. Now Mercedes appears with CLA class studyWhat will the entry look like in the future?

The study is – as CLA knows – a Four-door coupe. Above all, it is the first car in the new car Mercedes-Benz MMA platform based on. this means Electrical architecture 800 voltsconsumption only 12 kW/100 km and a group of 750 kilometers.

© Photo: Mercedes

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Customers can choose between two different cell chemistries for the battery. The top type has anodes containing silicon oxide content for excellent power density. The developers explain that the junior version is the leader in this segment thanks to the use of lithium iron phosphate. It also enables high voltage configuration 250 kW high power DC chargingresulting in a range of up to 400 km in 15 minutes.

In the Concept CLA, the drivetrain is set to rear-wheel drive. Thanks to the modular design, it is also suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles. The advanced powertrain is scalable for many other applications, including other vehicle segments.

© Photo: Mercedes

the Electric motor with a capacity of 175 kW It is mated to a two-speed gearbox. High-performance power electronics combine engine and transmission control into a single processor.

Study is the harbinger of all typical family. In addition to a four-door coupe, there will also be a shooting brake and two SUVs.

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