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Zelenskyj aims to fully protect against air attacks

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promised his citizens full protection against Russian air strikes. “We are doing everything we can to shoot down more enemy missiles and drones and neutralize the firing positions of the Russian army,” Zelensky said in his daily speech tonight.

According to Ukrinform Agency, Zelensky reported that Russia continued to attack with Iranian missiles and kamikaze aircraft. Some can be dropped. The Ukrainian military previously reported four missile attacks, 17 airstrikes, and 10 missile launcher attacks. This is a much lower intensity than on Monday, when more than 80 missiles and cruise missiles were launched into the country.

Energy System Attack: Everything is clear

Since the beginning of this week, Russia has increased its bombing of remote areas of Ukraine, with the aim of destroying energy and water supplies.

And recently, a power supply station in the area around the capital, Kyiv, was severely damaged by a missile strike. Energy supplier Ukrnerho called on citizens to save electricity in the evening. This should prevent emergency shutdown.

And in the evening, the authorities gave full clarity and thanked the citizens for their discipline. Ukrinform reports that power supplies have stabilized and nothing is planned to shut down.

National Weather Alert

Due to air attacks, air raids were temporarily launched across Ukraine in the morning. According to the authorities, industrial and energy facilities were also targeted in the city of Zaporizhia, near the front. The blast caused by an explosion also destroyed 16 residential buildings.