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ZF with AxTrax 2 LF low floor electric axle for city buses

ZF with AxTrax 2 LF low floor electric axle for city buses

ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division supports the decarbonisation of local public transport through innovation. ZF now offers the new AxTrax 2 LF electric gate axle for low floor buses. Compared to the previous model, the new axle features significant improvements. It is part of a modular electric propulsion system and uses components such as an electric motor and inverter. The AxTrax 2 LF series is scheduled to debut in 2025.

“With the AxTrax 2 LF, we expand our comprehensive range of electric drive trains from a new modular and scalable platform with an important product,” says Winfried Gründler, Product Line Manager for Drive Systems at the ZF CVS Division.

In addition to the electric gate axis with two integrated electric motors, the AxTrax 2 LF delivery range includes two separate silicon carbide (SiC) inverters and high-performance electronics. Together they represent a comprehensive electric drive system for fully low-floor buses.

“The AxTrax 2 LF is the latest development from ZF to support commercial vehicle manufacturers in the transition to zero-emission technologies. Whether integrated systems or components: ZF has options to electrify the vehicle platforms of manufacturers around the world from a single source,” he adds. Gründler.

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The AxTrax 2 LF is available in two variants with continuous outputs of 260kW and 360kW and torques of 22,700Nm and 37,300Nm. This means that the more powerful model achieves a 20 percent climbing capacity for articulated buses with a gross weight of up to 29 tons and only one drive axle.

The fixed ratio integral transmission is suitable for city bus operating conditions with frequent starts/stops and relatively low average speeds.

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