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Zymo Research Receives CE Mark for New SafeCollect(TM) Home Sampling Kits

Irvine, CA, March 23 /PRNewswire/ Self-pulling kits for ease of use and security

Zymo Research announced today that its new line of home sample collection kits has been CE marked for sale in the European Union (EU). The Sa feCollect (TM) Sample Collection Kits It has been designed with the greatest possible safety in mind for consumers during unsupervised self-withdrawal. Currently, both SafeCollect(TM) technology is available Tinge Beside saliva sample Available.

The increasing number of tech companies and COVID-19 drive-through testing centers where consumers are required to collect their own samples has led to the use of traditional samplers being considered. To meet this need, Zymo Research scientists and engineers have developed SafeCollect (TM), a sampler designed specifically for home use that provides user safety and ease of use for consistent sampling. The SafeCollect(TM) kit’s patented sample collection tube has a safety seal that prevents accidental spillage, contact, and/or ingestion of the sample fixing medium.

SafeCollect(TM) kits are compatible with corporate toolkits DNA/RNA Shield(TM) Zymo Research stabilization solution, which preserves DNA and RNA at room temperature for at least 30 days. This conservation is not only economical, but is also necessary for shipping samples where expensive dry ice and other cold shipping methods are not available or permitted. DNA/RNA Shield (TM) was the first approved 510(k)-sized transporter for sampling, preservation, and inactivation of SARS-CoV-2, providing additional protection for those who directly handle samples, such as carriers and laboratory personnel.

Dr. said. . Stanislav Fuhrmann of Zymo Research. “SafeCollect(TM) sampling kits are designed to meet these needs without compromising usability or customer safety, while ensuring the integrity of samples collected for meaningful analysis. With SafeCollect(TM), we wanted to set a new standard in sampling.”

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OEM Zymo Research manufactures SafeCollect (TM) devices for third parties and offers custom packaging, labeling, and assembly/packaging. For more information on Zymo Research’s SafeCollect (TM) Home Specimen Collection, visit website.

About Zymo Research Corp.Zymo Research is a private company that has been providing the scientific and diagnostic community with the latest molecular biology tools since 1994. The company’s vision, “The beauty of science is making things simple”, is reflected in all of its products, from epigenetics to DNA/RNA purification techniques. Zymo Research has made a name for itself as a leader in epigenetics, providing new and innovative solutions for sample collection, microbial measurements, diagnostic equipment, and high-quality, easy-to-use NGS technologies. Follow Zymo Research on Facebook social networking siteAnd LinkedInAnd Twitter And Instagram.

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