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The Irish data protection authority punishes WhatsApp with 225 million euros «

The Irish data protection authority punishes WhatsApp with 225 million euros «

For a long time, Irish authorities have been accused of inaction on data protection matters. Now an exclamation point has been placed and Facebook’s subsidiary WhatsApp has been fined €225 million.

01:04 PM, Sep 2, 2021


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WhatsApp is increasingly being targeted by European authorities © kovop58 – (kovop)

The Irish Data Protection Authority (DPC) issues its first penalty based on this right three years after the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. And the punishment is harsh. He accused Facebook’s WhatsApp subsidiary of violating data protection rules. The authority now imposes one for this A fine of 225 million euros.

The authority is complaining that WhatsApp lacks transparency in handling user data. For example, when it comes to exchanging data between WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook. And WhatsApp itself immediately told her that she wanted to take action against the punishment. This is it “Totally disproportionate.”

European headquarters in Dublin

The logo now created is particularly interesting because the DPC is considered the authority primarily responsible for Facebook’s activities in Europe. The headquarters of the American giant in Europe is located in Dublin. So far, data protection officials have often accused Ireland of being too lazy.

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By the way, the Luxembourg data protection authority recently imposed a fine of 746 million euros versus US retail giant Amazon. This dismissed the claim and announced an appeal. A spokesperson said: “There was no personal data breach and customer information was not disclosed to anyone.”