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▷ Advent Calendar Section 13: Alexander Egermann Winery – News – 2023

▷ Advent Calendar Section 13: Alexander Egermann Winery – News – 2023

Alexandre Egermann’s wines are based on the winemaker’s values ​​– precise, distinctive and original. The constant pursuit of the highest quality and the desire for perfection drive and motivate Egermann’s daily work. He offers wine to everyone So many feelings And the nTime requiredTo become what it should be. The foundation of every wine lies in… Grape field. That’s why he likes to be there so much.

For Alexander Egermann, it’s really fun to work where everyone else goes on vacation. Next to the varnish and flowering meadows, among the vines and the chirping of birds, in an endless open nature. It may happen that nature shows its cruel side, but even in this case it is important to make the best of it. “This is wine,” Egermann says.

Warm, dry and salty

The soil profile for the strata is diverse. Sandy, gravel and black earth soils dominate. Generally. Then they are also available together. With very different and often changing participation sizes. Some clay can also be found here and there in the soil formations. Salty minerals are a particular problem in the Laeken area and near the shores of Lake Neusiedl.

Lots of sun, little water

the Pannonian climate It represents hot summers with low rainfall and cold winters. These maximum values ​​range between up to 40°C in summer and -20°C in winter. About 2,000 hours of sunshine per year and a maximum annual rainfall of 600 mm require the vines to have very deep roots in order to access water and nutrients. Another crucial factor is the special microclimate at the Alexander Egermann sites and the proximity to Lake Neusiedl.

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We offer gifts in cooperation with the winery Alexander Egermann Magnum bottle in red mosaic. Answer that Winning question And you participate in the draw. I wish you success!