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Michael Wendler: Brash's plan rips off with his ex-wife

Michael Wendler: Brash’s plan rips off with his ex-wife

Michael Wendler He lives a luxurious life with Laura in sunny Florida. And his ex-wife Claudia Norberg is also having a good time in the US sunshine – although they’re both officially broke and deeply in debt! How it works? According to “Bild” criminal intrigues!

Michael Wendler: Is it all coming out now?

There are incredible claims BILD makes – and they can still prove them with emails. Wendler is said to have hatched a brazen robbery scheme with his ex-wife Claudia Norberg to avoid their creditors. Both are officially bankrupt. Your mountain of debt? brilliant! Claudia Norberg even had to file for bankruptcy after a company went bankrupt in 2016. Since then she has been living on 1,178 euros a month. You will not get any maintenance or support from Wendler. To BILD she said at the time: “I am definitely without origins.”

Did Claudia Norberg hide income?

The 50-year-old apparently dropped his $490,000 divorce settlement! In an email in 2019, Norberg wrote to one of her advisors: “It should be ruled out that severance payments will be attached to me. My 17-year-old daughter owns Impression Inc. (…) We are considering transferring the severance payments in full to this company.” This would protect the money from being seized. A slap in the face of their creditors! In addition, withholding income in bankruptcy proceedings is a criminal offense. but that is not all. Wendler also appears to be involved in this lousy fraud scheme!

Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg are collaborators

In an email to Wendler, which was written by “BILD,” Claudia Norberg wrote: “Since you and I (…) are ‘insolvent’, I will (tell) the press that I want to set up my own company. (…) I don’t mention any other payments from you.” brutality! Meanwhile, the divorce settlement, consisting of a one-time payment of $60,000 and monthly installments of $5,000, is said to have been paid out in full – to a company owned by Waltrot’s mother Claudia Norberg. The payments that made it possible for the former Wendler to buy a home in Florida while their creditors continue to look down the tube. It’s unclear how Michael Wendler ever managed to raise $490,000. He is also heavily indebted and is now being sought out to aid and abet Germany’s foreclosure order. Slowly but surely he tightens the screws…

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